Leaders of MS. Y.A.N.A.

Tyra Simpkins, President Tyra Simpkins, President

Tyra Simpkins


Advocacy & Empowerment Division

Outreach & Education Division



Motivational speaker, patient advocate, community outreach volunteer, wife, mother, daughter living well with MS.



"When I was diagnosed in 2003, I was immediately relieved. I experienced my first MS symptoms at the age of 10. To finally have an answer that explained the pain, numbness, and fatigue motivated me to learn more about multiple sclerosis; what it is, who it effects and how to live with it."


Marisa Bess, Vice President

Marisa Bess

Vice President

Advocacy & Empowerment Division

Outreach & Education Division


Marisa is a flurry of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm!


A member since 2005, she serves as the face of MS. Y.A.N.A. She has appeared on local television and radio programs of our behalf.


Whether she's addressing a large audience, or comforting a member, you can count on Marisa to give 110%!


"Being part of MS Y.A.N.A. gives me a blessed new way of looking toward my future."

Raina Groover, Outreach

Raina Groover

Outreach & Education Division

Outreach, New Membership



Raina's warm and positive energy makes her perfect for leading our outreach efforts.


A member since 2011, Raina  coordinates MS. Y.A.N.A. On The Move, taking our message of education, enlightenment, and empowerment on the road.  A registered nurse, Raina offers valuable insight.

Brenda Dyson, Membership

Brenda Dyson

Advocacy & Empowerment Division

Membership Retention


Part of MS.Y.A.N.A. since 2006, Brenda brings a quiet determination to living with MS.


With her experience and knowledge, Brenda makes members feel welcome at every MS Y.A.N.A. event.

Peggy Branch McCaskill, Meeting Logistics

Peggy Branch-McCaskill

Advocacy & Empowerment Division

Meeting Logistics


Peggy has a pleasant personality that's just right for working with the community.


A member since 2011, Peggy has contributed her talents to MS. Y.A.N.A. and we are grateful for the growth we've experienced under her management. 



Sharlena Phillips, Media Relations

Sharlena Phillips

Outreach & Education Division

Electronic Media Relations


Sharlena is a wife, mother, and daughter diagnosed with MS at age 17.


She volunteers and shares her testimony with others to let it be known that all things are possible.  Live each day like it is your last and enjoy it.


That's Lena: Walking in FATH, HOPE, and LOVE!



DeLisa French, Events Coordinator DeLisa French, Events

DeLisa French

Advocacy & Empowerment Division

Community Events


DeLisa can't stop.  Won't stop.


Diagnosed in 2009, a member of MS. Y.A.N.A.since 2010, DeLiisa is  a homeowner and the mother of a college student, DeLisa loves to travel.


DeLisa is proud to serve MS. Y.A.N.A. keeping members informed of events.





Alicia Barber, Community Events Alicia Barber, Community Events

Alicia Barber

Advocacy & Empowerment Division


"Hey World! I have been with MS YANA since 2005. I dove in head first with this support group, being newly diagnosed at the tender age of 27 I felt I was alone, then I found this group of beautiful men and women who reminded me I wasn't alone and rallied behind me from day one.


I serve as the Events Coordinator/Caterer for MS YANA. Talk to me about Nutrition/Healthy Living Services available for you and your family as it pertains to food Most importantly I just want us to have some fun!!!  As always have an eventful day on purpose."





Shanequa Forte' Shanequa Forte'

Shanequa Forte'

MS. Y.A.N.A Co-leader  


You are loved. Remember that! Shanequa loves to remind everyone that they are fortunate.


Helping people has inspired Shanequa to share with others.


After a car accident Shanequa was diagnosed with MS in August 2007


Shanequa has a daughter and is a sister to two siblings.  




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Wednesday, May 1

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