MS. YANA.  Multiple Sclerosis: You are not Alone
MS. YANA.  Multiple Sclerosis: You are not Alone

About MS. Y.A.N.A.

MS.Y.A.N.A provides a safe space to learn to live well with MS.


How did it feel when your doctor announced, "You have MS"?


Did it feel like a punch in the stomach?

Were you shocked into speechlessness?

Did the tears flow?

Did you worry about your future?



When she was first diagnosed, Tyra Simpkins felt isolated and afraid.  She founded MS. Y.A.N.A.  (MS: You Are Not Alone) to so that African Americans like her strive together.

MS is difficult to understand and adapt to even when you're not dealing with cognitive issues. We want everyone to benefit from our fellowship,.


We meet virtually first Wednesdays at 6:30. Register here.


 Just let us know how we can help.

Members of MS.Y.A.N.A. can meet privately with you and your loved ones to answer your questions and address your concerns. Contact SharlenaMarie(at) for more information.

Founder Tyra Simpkins

Leaders of MS. Y.A.N.A.





10201 Martin Luther King Highway

2nd floor, Community Room A

Bowie, MD  20720





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