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MS. Y.A.N.A. Leaders Interviewed



I wish I had known about MS Y.A.N.A. sooner.  I wouldn't have to deal with the depression all on my own.


Thank God I found them.



The MS in MS Y.A.N.A. is not gender specific, Men get MS too!  


I'm glad to represent for the men.



Being affiliated with such a powerful group gives me a great sense of pride.  


I have learned that my life did not end with MS.  In fact, I'm writing a new chapter.



When I was first diagnosed with MS, I felt so alone.


It is wonderful to belong to a group of people with whom I have something in common.


Being an African-American woman with young children I don't have to be isolated any longer.



I love how this group is real, but remains focused on the positive, 

Next meeting

Wednesday, May 1

6:45 - 9:00

Vista Gardens Marketplace

10201 Martin Luther King Jr Hwy

Community Meeting Room A
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